Schedule A Bike Ride

Schedule A Bike Ride

On this page you may SUGGEST a bike ride to the ride scheduler to consider adding to the schedule. If you have a ride or route to suggest, please completely fill out this form with your ride information. Remember, it is advisable to “Travel”the route shortly before your scheduled ride to be sure that no new construction is underway.

Additional Ride Information should include directions to start location. Also include rest stop info for longer rides. Any information that will help riders understand the type of ride you are leading.

Rating Scale:

  • E 5 to 15 miles of gentle terrain
  • EM 20 to 30 miles in length, rolling terrain
  • M 30 to 45 miles in length with some hills
  • S Serious rides with 45+ up to 100 miles of fairly flat terrain or 40+ miles in length with hilly terrain.

Note that each ride you submit will include information about you as the requester. If you are submitting a ride request for someone else, please provide their contact information in the Additional Ride Information field below.

Thank you!

NOTE: Please verify that your details are correct before clicking the [Submit] button.

Ride Leader Ride Scheduling Form

Ensure that this is a valid email address.
Please provide a specific address and any additional details that will help riders find the start location.
Provide the number of miles for the ride. If various mapped distances, indicate as such.
Refer to the instructions above for descriptions of the Ride Ratings